#80. Religious Medals for the Car

When Megan’s godchild Charlie was in treatment for a brain tumor, Megan sent her friend Amy a matching medal of one she got for her own car so that as they both drove around town, they were both looking at the same source of strength and love on their dashboard.

#79. Make Loving Reminder Cards

Reminder Cards can be made out of index cards or card stock. They can be done by you, your family, or group of friends. They are reminders for when times are tough and can say things like: “You can do this!“, “We love you!”, “Be still and know that God is present!”, “You are supported!”, “One Day at a Time.” These can be taped all over the house (on mirrors, windows, the fridge, the TV, etc.) as reminders of love and support.

#78. Arrange for a Dog Mobile Groomer

Fresh, clean dogs make people happy. You can find out how often they usually get their dog groomed and let them know that a groomer will be in their driveway around that time to save them an errand.

#77. New Sheets

Few things feel better than lovely, new sheets on a bed! You could give them your favorite brand or go all-out and order from Boll and Branch, which is one of our favorite luxury sheet companies. This idea could go hand-in-hand with a decorated pillowcase (see #10).

#76. Make Them a Playlist

Everyone above a certain age knows the feeling of being in high school and having someone make you a mix tape. THE BEST. So, if someone has long drives in the car, or long waits in at the hospital, have all of your friends put together a playlist for them of favorite old songs. You can send them the link with everyone’s song choices and little explanations about each.

Example: “Hi Colleen, We thought you could listen to this playlist on your way to (work, hospital, airport, running errands, during chemo, etc.) when you need a boost of love!”

#75. Chuck E. Cheese

As moms we may hate it. But, to a kid, Chuck E. “Jesus” Cheese is about as good as it gets. This is the gift that keeps on giving. It gives the kids something to look forward to and few things would feel better for a mom than knowing their babes get to go there, but she doesn’t have to go!! And they will be so exhausted when they get home that it may also offer a nice, mellow night.

#74. Clean Out the Fridge

While you are visiting, you could open up the refrigerator and give it a good wipe down! If they are open to you doing this, you could also ask if you could throw out anything that’s expired and make a list so they know what they need new (so that they don’t think they have mayo and then go to get some and it’s gone) or just go to the store and replace the expired items. Look for easy things to do around the house and just tidy up. Make sure this seems to feel okay with them. Sometimes it can feel intrusive and they may want to kick you in the shin for moving stuff around. Use your judgment!

#73. Open Up Some Windows

Sometimes we forget the power of some fresh air. They may need to be reminded to get some air flowing in the house.

#72. Go Old School and Write Letters

It can be very comforting to see handwriting of people you love. Have high school friends write a note on loose leaf paper and fold it up and put in an envelope to mail. It will feel like you are passing notes in class! College friends, write letters like you used to do over the summers to each other. This will be a big hit.

#71. Frame Their Favorite Quote

If you know of a motivational quote or phrase that they depend on, frame it for their room so that they can look at it every day.