#90. A Bronzer with Love

Megan bought a bronzer called “Two Face” and the clasp that opens it is a little gold heart. Give it to someone (every girl loves a good bronzer!) and tell them to feel the love coming at them every time they open it.

#89. Give a Basket Filled with Votive Candles

Make candles with inspiring words written on them to light each day. All you need are votive candles (boxes are sold at Michael’s or any craft store) and sticky labels. You can write words on them with a bright colored Sharpie.

#88. A Gift Card for a Keratin Treatment

When someone’s hair is the last thing they can focus on, this is a good gift! A keratin treatment is an anti-frizz treatment that allows your hair to look good even without blow drying. It has the potential to just make one thing easier.

#87. Get Them a New Hairdryer

This one might sound weird, but it’s an awesome idea. Really good, expensive hairdryers cut drying time in half and, even though you are focused on taking care of someone who’s sick, you will just feel better if your hair looks decent. And it will save time! You could add new hair ties and a good brush to the package.

#86. Continue a Tradition

At Megan’s friend’s school, there was a head master who read “T’was the Night Before Christmas” every year the day before Christmas break. When he was too sick to do so, the school created a video of students reading every line from the book and sent it to him.

#85. Participate in a Race Fundraiser

You can honor a person who is dealing with an illness by wearing a t-shirt with their name on it or taping their name somewhere on your bike. Raise money for the cause in their name. It will help them feel like they are doing something for the cause, even if they are lying in bed.

#84. Add Their Names to Prayer Lists

If they are active in a church and would be open to the idea, add them to the church prayer list so they will be prayed for every week. Let them know this so they can feel the power of the prayers.

#83. Walk Their Dog

It would make anyone feel good knowing their dog is out having fun if they are too sick or sad to entertain their pet. Get on a regular schedule to take the pet out or just send a quick text, “Hi. I’m going to the park at 4:00pm. Would love to take Spot with me.”

#82. Matching Sports Shirts

If the person or family are super fans of a particular team, have everyone who loves them start posting pictures in team apparel. If it’s during the sports season, have everyone’s families watch the game at the same time they are watching the game, and send pics and text them throughout the game so it feels like you are all watching together.

#81. Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets can be very comforting to adults and children experiencing anxiety or stress. The blanket is filled with weighted materials that simulate the pressure of a hug when you’re covered by it. There are many online retailers of these blankets. Most will have a chart recommending the appropriate blanket weight for the person’s size. Make sure to fill the blanket with your prayers, too. You can send a note saying, “I hope this blanket feels like a warm hug and that you also feel surrounded by all the prayers in it.”