If you want to get involved with Heartworks, the best things to do are: 

Engage in your own self growth, your own struggles and lessons and give to the people around you from that place of personal reflection.

When you are in a place in life to Receive, then receive. When you are in a place in life to Give, then give. And in both places practice gratitude to the best of your ability, because it will help you heal and get through your day. Practice receiving  in your own life so that you understand the vulnerability involved when you give. Giving and receiving are the same energy, but the giving tends to be sooooooo much easier so we are all called to work on the receiving part.

Live your daily life in connection and compassion, the way we were all living in the week and months following September 11, 2001.

Support our active military and veterans. We owe everything to these men and women, and as a 9/11 based organization, we honor these men and women whenever we can. Specifically for the week before Memorial Day and Veterans Day and at our local VFW chapter at their monthly meetings.

Put giving in the forefront of your mind. Use your career, your interests, your life as a way to help other human beings. Make this mindset a way of life, rather than an afterthought.

Whenever you come across someone that awakens your heart and snaps you out of your routine, think a grateful thought and move forward with reaching out to them. (instead of “not getting involved”)

Come to our Heartworks meetings,  prayer walks, fundraisers and events. We believe the more healing we do in our own lives the more healing we can bring to our world.

Click here to download our 2022-23 Calendar of Events

Please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to receive current information for virtual logins and all events and watch for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Donate to us either online, through the mail or come by the Heartworks House – we would love to see you! All donations are used to bring some joy and ease to people living with acute illness or grief. Each donation is used consciously, lovingly and thoughtfully.

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