Multitasking With Gratitude

multitaskingblogMy little Mary forgot her lunch today and after I dropped it off at her school and left the building I said to myself “I’m going to see how many things I can be grateful for before I get back to my car.

Here’s what i came up with…

Thank you for the trees

Thank you for the certainty of Spring coming

Thank you that all these cars are filled with people
who get to be alive another day

Thank you for the sound of the birds

Thank you for this safe school

Thank you for how nice it is for Mary

Thank you for teachers coming to work everyday

Thank you that I am healthy enough to be out today

Thank you that I can walk

Thank you that I have a car to take me where I need to go

Thank you that I get to spend the day at the Heartworks House

Thank you that my girls are healthy enough to go to school

Thank you that when Mary forgets her lunch, my day is flexible enough that I can bring it to her

Thank you for heat in my car

Thank you that the people who I love who are sick feel OK today

Thank you for the reminder to choose gratitude

Thank you for how gratitude makes me feel

Thank you for friends who also want to practice gratitude

Thank you for everything

When I got in the car to drive away I felt sooo much more connected to God than I did when I arrived with the lunchbox. So then I felt thankful for that too.

If we practice gratitude consistently enough, it becomes a natural response and has the potential to change the course of the day.