Manchester, England and our Veterans

Hello Everyone,

If you are struggling to honor the victims of last night’s Terror Attack in England, please join us at the Veteran’s ceremony today at 4:00 p.m. at the Bernardsville Post Office 7 Quimby Lane.

It will help us all to slow down and stand together in peace and reverence. The ceremony is 6 minutes long. If you have been trying to get there but haven’t been able to, read Heartworker Jen Donohoe’s speech from yesterday (included below) and it will help break through the fog of “business” and help us all to remember.

Jen’s Words Monday, May 22, 2017

“Thank you for joining us on a raining Monday. I feel so fortunate that we are able to gather here together on this fine day. Because, let’s face it – any day that we can freely gather alongside our neighbors is a good day – a great day. Just this simple act of standing together under the flag, without fear, is far fetched DREAM in some parts of the world. Standing in the rain honoring a flag is not even an OPTION for everyone – TODAY – in 2017.

And yet – I’m not going to lie – I sometime fall prey to getting caught up in the noise that all this freedom and good fortune gives me. I think about my laundry – I complain in my head about the clothes piled up at home – I even have a fabulous American made top loader (you know the one where the water fills all the way to the top?) and yet, I still find myself complaining. I also sometimes worry about what is for dinner – even though I have a really great oven and who am I kidding – awesome take out three minutes away.

What else? I worry about my kids, getting them to practice and tryouts and filling out camp forms on time – balancing all of the “important” stuff. I’m sure that all of you kids standing here have your own sense responsibility that you perhaps carry too – getting good grades, making sports teams, social situations like managing the cafeteria with friends.

Yes, in our beautiful towns of Bernardsville and Basking Ridge, it becomes easy to lose sight of the gift – the real gift that these men (and the men and women they represent fought for) represent. Standing here beside them? Looking at these brave men? Standing here in the rain with WW2, Vietnam, and Korean Veterans? I feel ridiculous complaining about my laundry, car pools and sports teams.

That is why we are here today. We must – we MUST not lose sight and get caught up in all the noise – if we do then I believe we disrespect the sacrifices that were made for us to be free – and to enjoy this freedom.

Let’s take a deep breath. Let us right now make a promise to ourselves and the memory of all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice that we will slow down. That we will look up at our flag. That we will take pause to remember. That we will take joy in the choices we get to make. And when we get tempted to forget? Take a moment. Remember – this moment – standing here in the rain with our neighbors and our dedicated veterans and all they stand for and remember what’s important.”