Heartworks Snow Day Prayer

Heartworks would love to have you join us at 3:00 today to pray for anyone you know who is stressed or fearful of this snowstorm due to their life circumstances . Lots of different prayers can be said. Here is a start to a list of people that come to Megan’s heart. Please expand this list and include anyone you know who could benefit from prayer in this storm . This can include anyone you see on the news, the internet or that you know personally. Light a candle if possible and let it burn for the rest of the day. XOXOXOXO

We can start with praying for:

  • All Policemen, Firemen and EMTs that are out helping people
  • That all medical professionals get to their jobs safely
  • Everyone who is home struggling with depression and anxiety
  • Everyone who is home dealing with illness
  • Everyone who feels isolated and lonely
  • Everyone who is grieving
  • Everyone who must get to medical appointments
  • Everyone without heat
  • Everyone without a home
  • Everyone who has nobody to check on them
  • Everyone struggling because they truly must get somewhere in a car that doesn’t do well in the snow
  • Everyone in the hospital separated from the rest of their family
  • Everyone who is at home but depend on meals at their work or school
  • Everyone who is unable to stay in a safe, warm place

Please add on all your own personal intentions and let’s send some serious love out into the world

PS- If you have anyone or groups of people who you want prayers for please post a prayer request

PSS – You don’t have to wait until 3:00!! We can be in a state of prayer and awareness all day…at 3:00 it will be a collective prayer but pray all day and see how it grounds you and helps you reach beyond the walls of your home into a deep sense of love and connection

PSSS- When I told Advisory Member Jen D about the 3:00 prayer, she wants us to do more…
She says “Yes pray but also call someone on this snowy day….reach out…connect…step outside your own bubble”
Thanks Jen! XOXO