Connection Day 2016

The air is feeling thick with fear and anxiety as this Election Day approaches. People seem to be bracing themselves for whatever is to come. It’s causing a pit in my stomach. I have been being asked what we can do on Tuesday to stay out of the chaos that may very well take over the airwaves, so here is an option I think may help us:

Let’s switch our thinking from Tuesday, November 8th being Election Day and view it more as “Connection Day”.

Heartworks is inviting anyone to do the following exercise as a way to create the environment we desire instead of looking to politicians and government to create the mindset of our country. Doing this exercise will invoke connection instead of hostility. It will keep us connected to God instead of fear. It will promote healing in our own lives. It may be as important as showing up at the polls and be as valid as our votes.

OK here we go…

Make a list of the top 3 things you think politicians should be doing, and then do these things yourself. We can do these things in our own homes, offices and around our town. Instead of spending energy wanting THEM to change, let’s become the change OURSELVES.

So, if you think the candidates are being pig headed… be more accepting.

If you think the candidates are acting like bullies… be kinder and gentler.

If you think the candidates are full of shit…be in your integrity.

Here are some examples that members of my Womens Group came up with this morning:

“I wish they would stop lying,
so on November 8th I will speak only the truth.”

“I wish they would stop saying hateful things,
so on November 8th I will be conscious of the words I’m using.”

“I wish they didn’t always look so angry,
so on November 8th I will smile more.”

“I wish they would stop thinking their way is the only way,
so on November 8th I will be more open to different points of view.”

“I wish they weren’t yelling all the time,
so on November 8th I will watch my tone of voice with my kids.”

“I wish they would focus on the job instead of just bashing each other all the time, so on November 8th I will say what I need instead of blaming someone else for the way things are.”

I hope you get the gist 🙂

Let’s make this Election Day a Connection Day. Be what you want our politicians to be and see how you feel at the end of the day. I don’t want to be glued to the news, grumbling and complaining. I want to be what I believe our country needs…and then maybe, just maybe…in my own small section of the planet, I can invoke peace. Please join me. You AND me makes for peace.

The Heartworks Meditation room will be available all day for anyone looking for a quiet place to be.