We hold monthly meetings the first Tuesday of every month at our awesome “Heartworks House” that involve:
Diet Coke
Good intentions
Organizing of gifts
Quiet meditation

7:00 – Newcomers Meeting
Join other newcomers to meet with Megan for a brief (although if you have met Megan, she is NEVER really brief, even when she thinks she is!) meeting to get you caught up on why we do what we do at Heartworks and the families we are currently reaching out to

7:00 – Conscious Social Hour
What the hell is a “Conscious Social Hour”? This is time to spend being grateful for the fact that we are healthy enough to get out of our houses and come have a Diet Coke and cheese and crackers with other women. We sign up for ways we can help families, sign cards, make gift baskets and meet new women

8:00- Meeting
Prayers candles, self-reflective reading, explanations, and organizing of efforts, inspirational stories, quiet meditation and always an opportunity to get out of the static, judgment, and anxiety that you may have going on in your mind.

Meeting Calendar

All meetings are held at the “Heartworks House”
19 Rt 202 (maybe Morristown Road for GPS)
Basking Ridge, NJ
(908) 766-4400

We have parking off of Route 202 and Madisonville Road.