#30. Hire a Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service for the length of time someone is in treatment can be a HUGE help. You can reach out to your friend group or work group and everyone can pitch in whatever amount they want or “cover a cleaning day” by paying the full amount for one cleaning session. This is a great gift to offer anyone sick or grieving. Use a service that someone in the group trusts instead of a random cleaning service and explain the situation to them so they are sensitive about schedule changes and possible cancellations.

#29. Give Them New Electronics

A new Apple Watch, an iPad or laptop is an awesome gift for someone in the hospital or who is bed ridden. It makes the time go quicker, helps distract their mind, and helps them stay in touch with people. If a book club or team chips in, it’s totally affordable for everyone.

#28. Dairy Delivery

Find a local company that delivers dairy products. After 9/11, Megan’s niece’s soccer team pitched in and had milk, eggs, yogurt, butter and cream cheese delivered for a year. The family was never out of the basics and this was a huge help.

#27. Help Them to Have Friends Over

Give a gift card to kids, teens, and young adults to have their friends over for a pizza party, movie party, or some other theme. You can drop off paper products and drinks with a gift card to have food delivered from their favorite place. It gives kids something to look forward to gives them a focus other than the illness or sadness.

#26. Send Daily or Weekly Texts

In terms of texts, try to make statements instead of questions so the person doesn’t feel pressure to respond back – you can use your own words or send a daily/weekly quote:

“I’m with you in my mind and heart today.”

“Sending you love.”

“You are not alone. I’m right here.”

“Praying that today is as gentle as possible for you.”

“You can do this.”

And never ever underestimate a classic…

“I love you.” … This one covers all the bases.

For the most part, it is unnecessary to mention why you are sending the text. They know they are going to the hospital, etc., so you don’t have to say “I’m thinking about you while you are at the hospital today.” Just leave that part out so they don’t have to see the word “hospital” a hundred times in texts that day.

#25. Instead of a Sympathy Card…

After Megan’s dad went home to God, her sister got a thank you note from a college roommate thanking her for all the good things their dad had done. A thank you note is easier to digest than a sympathy card.

“Dear Jennifer, Thank you for sharing your father with me. He helped me in so many ways when I was struggling at school (list how the person helped you)”

When Megan’s friend Mo’s dad went home to God, Megan sent her a St. Patrick’s Day card instead of a sympathy car It felt like a lighter and more appropriate way to celebrate the life of Chuck Dolan!

#24. Send Them Comfort

The “Better Sweater Fleece” from Patagonia, for example, comes in all different colors and is a perfect “go-to fleece” for around the house or the hospital. A full zipper in the front may be the best option for someone in treatment.

#23. New Pajamas, Robe or Yoga Pants

Choose something that is soft and beautiful! Buttons down the front are usually safest for ports and so that they don’t have to lift their arms over their heads to put them on. Sometimes people don’t want to be in PJs all day and when this is the case we love to give them new Lulu Lemon yoga pants (or another favorite brand) and some loose- fitting tops.

#22. Open an Account at a Restaurant

Collect money and open an account at a restaurant in town. This way the family knows all they have to do is call in an order and have food delivered. Give the restaurant the heads up about what the family is going through so that they have the chance to be extra flexible, sensitive and loving with the deliveries. You can also add a pretty envelope filled with dollar bills so the family isn’t scrambling for money to tip the delivery person.

#21. “Our Town Loves You” Basket

Do a gift card collection of shops and restaurants around your town. This offers a direction for people to get out of the house if they can. They can also use the cards to order dinner in at the end of a long day. Include menus and/or business cards for easy access. Besides restaurants you can add gift cards to:

– A carwash

– The movies

– The bowling alley

– Nail/hair salon

– Spa

– Grocery store

– Coffee place

– Add a note that says “the town is full of love for your family.