#13. Drop Off Something in the Morning

Sometimes the mornings seem impossible to wake up to when someone is sad or sick (or both). Drop off a favorite coffee or drink every time you go for yourself. Send a text saying “Hope your day is feeling manageable, I thought your favorite Passionfruit Iced Tea might help, it’s on your doorstep.” Or text on your way over and say something like “I’m on my way over with a tea for you, do you want some company or should I leave it at the door?” When I lived at my sister’s house in the weeks following September 11th a neighbor we barely knew started to drop off two coffees on the doorstep every morning. Then he got word that I drank Diet Coke, not coffee, so then every morning there was a coffee and Diet Coke on the doorstep. We started off our day feeling cared for and witnessed by someone.