#11. Organize a Meal Train For Dinners

We use Lotsahelpinghands.com because it is easy and sends out reminders. Remember to ask about any allergies, dislikes, and what time the family likes to eat dinner. Dinners can be left in a cooler on the porch so no one has to answer the door if they don’t feel like it.


– Leave a cooler outside the house with a thank you note from the family (Thank you’s are not necessary AT ALL but this takes the weight off the family feeling like they haven’t thanked everyone)

– Encourage everyone to add a note to their meal – add pretty paper products so that no dishes need to be done

– deliver in disposable containers so the family doesn’t have the hassle of getting dishes back to you. If delivering on plates you need back, write a note to leave dirty dishes outside the door and swing by the next day to get them.