As reflected in the open heart of our new logo, our hope is that you will take how Heartworks has impacted you and open your heart by engaging your friends, children, and community to support Heartworks with your own mini-fundraising activities.
Helping us raise funds doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.


  • First and foremost, SPREAD THE WORD. Forward our appeal letter to friends and family and let them know how important Heartworks is in your life and the effect we have in our towns.
  • Ask for donations in place of gifts for your next birthday or special occasion. One easy way to do this is to set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser
  • Involve your kids! Let them do chores to make money to donate. Help them make a lemonade stand or sell a craft.
  • Engage your church or club by helping them organize a benefit for Heartworks like a car wash or a bake sale.
  • Host a small party at your home and ask for everyone to bring a donation rather than a bottle of wine or hostess gift.