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A Hike I Didn’t Hate

When Eddie and I lived in Colorado and our friends had people visit them, there was always a lot of talk leading up to these visits that focused on which bike ride, hiking trail or rock climb they were going to do when their guests arrived. When people visited me, the talk leading up to […]

Every day is someones best and another’s worst

The day Eddie and I realized I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, was April 20, 1999. This was the same day the Columbine School shooting took place in Littleton, Colorado in which 2 seniors killed 13 people and injured 21. The two boys then committed suicide. Being only 42 miles away from the shooting […]

Let Go of What Was

We are in full-blown yard sale mode here at the Heartworks House, hence the whole theme of “letting go”. (Get it? Cause we are all going to be getting rid of stuff? Clever right?) So the sign outside the house now reads: LET GO OF WHAT WAS This phrase reminds me of last year’s yard […]

Accept What Is

The sign outside the Heartworks House this week reads ACCEPT WHAT IS If I were a person driving past this sign on my way home from a 2 for 1 deal on Big Macs at McDonalds and was thinking about something I was struggling with, I would roll down the window, whip one of my Big […]

The Star Ledger

April 12, 2015 – Mark Di Ionno Spirit of kindness lives on long after 9/11 MEGAN McDOWELL is of two minds. There’s a part of her that wants to create a peaceful, “sacred space” for spiritual reflection. And there’s a part that says, “Let’s just get this (expletive) done.” There’s a side that says people […]

What’s Your Wilson?

Anybody who has known me for a long time knows that I am not, or at least was not, a dog person. I have never understood why when I walk into people’s houses they think I like touching and being licked by their dog (among the other awesome dog greeting habits). When I have been […]

February Meeting, Thank Yous and Dog Poop

Beyond the Valentine’s Day dinners, beyond the zodiac necklaces we prayed into, beyond the toys, the books and other gifts for people in numbing circumstances were the women who got up and shared their stories of receiving. It seems it is not the giving that shifts us as much witnessing the receiving. How showing up […]

Megan’s Speech at Our Tailgate Fundraiser

I have been asked to post the speech I read at our tailgate tasting fundraiser event on January 23, 2015. My greatest hope is that it encourages you to review your own life and use your own heartache to reach out to someone else. “So…Heartworks has completely changed my life in more ways than I […]

A Lesson From My Father on a Snowy Day

I love days that I know exactly what my father would be doing if he were still alive. Every year, I know that on the last weekend of April he would be sitting in the stands at Franklin Field in Philadelphia watching the Penn relays track meet. I know that on Easter morning he would […]

My Ah-Ha Moment About Fundraisers

Our big Heartworks fundraiser is this Friday. We have been doing this type of fundraiser for the past four years, making it more public just these past two years. The idea first came up that we needed to start having bigger, more public fundraisers the first year we were in the Heartworks house. And the […]