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Heartworks in The Scout Guide

Feburary 2016 Heartworks was chosen as The Scouts Guide’s non-profit in the 2nd Volume of the Northern New Jersey City Guide. From the Guide “After Megan McDowell’s brother in low John W. Farrell was killed on September 11, 2001, Megan lived at her sister’s home for six weeks and witnessed the world’s kindness that showed […]

…and the greatest of these is purpose.

Sometimes I get stuck on things that can seem so simple. Last week the Heartworkers organizing our January 22nd fundraiser asked me for words and short sayings to be displayed around the room on the night of the event. “Short sayings” are tough for me…I’m a talker, a processor and the depth of what Heartworks […]

Thanksgiving thoughts from Megan

I am sitting here alone at the Heartworks House. There has been a flurry of activity here all week getting ready to help families with Thanksgiving that are too sad, exhausted or distracted with illness or grief to care about what type of stuffing they are having or what tablecloth they are using. We feel […]

Why We Honor Our Veterans for a Week

Today’s Show from November 6th   Click here to watch the clip This is a story that was shown on the Today Show earlier this week. This story of friendship made in war is why I hound everyone all week to show up for our Veterans. It reminds me of my girlfriends and how much […]

The Day After Veterans Day

Below are the words that Heartworker Jen D shared at the flag raising ceremony this morning. They struck my heart and opened my eyes. They made me feel relieved that Veterans are on our radar and that honoring them is a part of our consciousness at Heartworks. We are blessed to be aware of all […]

The Most Delicious, Healing, Pumpkin Bread

Here is a note that a Heartworker gave me when she dropped off the most delicious pumpkin cake for the Summit football players. I know it is the most delicious pumpkin cake because she also made one for the Advisory Board that we ate at our meeting yesterday morning. The note below (I have her […]

A thank you, 14 years later

The days leading up to the anniversary of September 11th always feel a bit like a reunion. Revisiting emotions from 14 years ago… the terror, numbness, shock and panic all pool together in my mind’s eye with vivid visions of… The call from my brother to turn on the news Crawling up the stairs to […]

Thank you Wayne Dyer

I was rushing around Sunday night getting my girls settled before the start of Bachelor in Paradise (please refrain from judgment) and I was looking for toothbrushes. My little Mary does not understand why, in her perception, I’m “always asking her to brush her teeth”. I explain that asking her to brush twice a day […]

The Heartworks Cure for Boredom

Anybody who really knows me knows better than to ever say to me “Hey Megan, I’m bored.” Because they know that if they tell me they’re bored, my head will pop off my shoulders and I will start rambling off a list of world needs and all my ideas about organizations, groups and efforts they […]

Cynthia’s Win and Getting My Ass Out of Bed

This morning I had one of those mornings that everything just felt too much…too much loss…too much suffering…too much lack… too much pain…. too much too much too much. Between the diagnoses and issues happening for people I love, the loss currently being experienced in my town AND at Heartworks AND on the news, it […]