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What’s your mantra

A few weeks ago I was sitting at Design Squared, a Web Hosting company in Bernardsville with my friend Kathy working on our new Heartworks website. As usual, when Heartworks is the topic, the conversation moved from surface to depthful very quickly and we found ourselves talking about experiences we have had in life that […]

Do not be afraid to Never Forget

For anyone feeling pulled by different commitments this 9/11 here are some thoughts… Do not be afraid to Never Forget. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable and softened by this anniversary. Do not be afraid to be still. Do not be afraid to say no to an invitation that doesn’t sit right with your […]

“Invoke Peace Day” planned on Sept 11 in Basking Ridge

September 7, 2016 Residents asked to bring ‘Peace Mums’ to Heartworks. BERNARDS TWP. – Fifteen years after one of the most tragic and violent days in American history, Heartworks is asking local residents to commemorate Sept. 11, 2001, through a community demonstration of peace… Read full article in The Bernardsville News here.      

9.11.16 Invoke Peace

This is an update on what is happening at Heartworks in the next week with the 15th anniversary of September 11th upon us. We want you to know about something powerful and sacred that we are planning for the upcoming anniversary. September 11, 2016 – INVOKE PEACE DAY We are asking all Heartworkers and anyone […]

Politics and a Strawberry

Like many other people I have been feeling crazed, exhausted, dumbfounded and scared by politicians preaching peace and then breeding hate by the end of the speech. I was feeling lost in the uncertainty of what has been happening in our country and around the world, until the other day, when I was washing a […]

Thank You God for Emoji’s

On November 17th at 2:08 in the morning I got a text from one of my besties Kristen in California that read: “Meg- we need serious prayers for Sage. Huge mass in her shoulder by her lungs. Waiting for transport from ER to CHOC. Please….This is a nightmare.” St. Patrick’s Day will be four months […]

Chocolate Milk and Judgement

So we are about three quarters of the way through our commitment of listing 10 things a day that we are grateful for (with no repeats). This practice forces us to put gratitude in the forefront of everything we do and it has been a heart opening experience. When the Advisory Board arrived this week […]

Multitasking With Gratitude

My little Mary forgot her lunch today and after I dropped it off at her school and left the building I said to myself “I’m going to see how many things I can be grateful for before I get back to my car. Here’s what i came up with… Thank you for the trees Thank […]

30 Days of Gratitude

Megan’s Gratitude List I am grateful… that my thoughts are calm, that we have a fun weekend ahead, clean water, that my friend feels good enough to go out today, that there is no pain in my body, that my family is healthy, that there is available treatment for Sage, that I get to spend […]