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Heartworks understands that just because someone is sick or struggling, it does not mean their lives are an open book.  We are currently reaching out to several families living with chronic illness and grief.  See our monthly meeting notes to see who we are currently reaching out to.  If you would like to learn more about Heartworks and how you can help, please email Megan at heartworks@heartworksgroup.org.

Our current opportunities for giving are: 

Charlotte's Wall of Love -- Born on May 30, 2004, Charlotte has endured many medial challenges in her young life, including two open heart surgeries, a stroke at just nine days old, dialysis, cardiac arrest, and a kidney transplant.  Through it all she continues to make remarkable progress learning new things every day. Her speech was greatly improved after receiving a Cochlear Implant for severe hearing loss brought on by medications and trauma.  Amazingly, through it all she continues to be the happy little girl. She was recently diagnosed with PTLD, Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disease, which is a type of cancer that can grow in transplant patients. She will be starting chemotherapy immediately once the appropriate protocol has been determined.  Join Heartworks and help us honor Charlotte’s strength and spirit by posting words of love and encouragement and photos of your family and friends on Charlotte’s Wall of Love. This virtual community photo wall will be a great symbol of our support and the money raised will go toward Charlotte's medical expenses.

Give a Heartworks Donation Card as a Gift - Write a check to Heartworks in any amount and give cards as gifts. Contact hollyfay@heartworksgroup.org for further information.


Below is an additional way to support Heartworks:

“Angels Over the Towers” -- In September 2005, Megan McDowell self-published a book titled "Angels Over the Towers:  The Untold Story of September 11, 2001."  Each book is $10.00 with 100% going to Heartworks. To order, please contact Megan McDowell at heartworks@heartworksgroup.org or the mailing address listed above.  For more on this beautiful book, click here.

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